Data encryption using AWS KMS Key

Customer Master Key (CMK) vs Data Key

Step 1: Creating the CMK in AWS console

Step 2: Encrypt data using AWS KMS CLI

$ echo "my website:" > plaintext.txt 
$ base64 -i plaintext.txt -o plaintext.bin
aws kms encrypt --key-id alias/demo --plaintext fileb://plaintext.bin 
{ "CiphertextBlob":"AQICAHhafwr0R1gD87hzIMWvZg4iolG3wyPx5ACoDbngRFUo2QGfroeBVinLA9Hw5AWTpCkEAAAAmzCBmAYJKoZIhvcNAQcGoIGKMIGHAgEAMIGBBgkqhkiG9w0BBwEwHgYJYIZIAWUDBAEuMBEEDNucopAAyw7639WqLgIBEIBUWd1u6wj5Uogdzwp9YTunH1Gc+s93/SH63BOk/S9fGOPL4S3fViRBClxFyF6hYQsJtl1beg0It5aW/mFp7ldtD0kmn/wKizC59lue5TMCpAwljji5",
"KeyId": "arn:aws:kms:ap-southeast-1:298942976044:key/caaed47a-5151-4b6b-8542-39698bd76d38",
"EncryptionAlgorithm": "SYMMETRIC_DEFAULT"
$ aws kms encrypt --key-id alias/demo --plaintext fileb://plaintext.txt --query CiphertextBlob --output text | base64 -d > encrypted.txt 
$ ls
encrypted.txt plaintext.bin plaintext.txt

Step 3: Decrypt the data

$ aws kms decrypt --ciphertext-blob fileb://encrypted.txt 
"KeyId": "arn:aws:kms:ap-southeast-1:298942976044:key/caaed47a-5151-4b6b-8542-39698bd76d38",
"Plaintext": "bXkgd2Vic2l0ZTogaHR0cHM6Ly90ZWNoLmRhdmlkLWNoZW9uZy5jb20K",
"EncryptionAlgorithm": "SYMMETRIC_DEFAULT"
$ aws kms decrypt --ciphertext-blob fileb://encrypted.txt --query Plaintext --output text | base64 -d > decrypted.txt 
$ cat decrypted.txt
my website:




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